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Every year between March and June, fantastic bike events take place on our hills, with up to 2000 athletes taking part. Athletes from the whole of Italy compete on the same routes that later become our tours, going through the countryside, woods, and off-road areas, and over hills.

Your task is to cycle, ours is to make your stay comfortable and memorable.


The Soave Bike Gran Fondo, over the wine roads in the Veronese foothills, is the joy of having fun on your pedals, with competitiveness taking second place.

DIVINUS BIKE CLIVUS (Monteforte d'Alpone)

Numbers registering for Divinus Bike have been increasing steadily, particularly over the last few years, making this event one of the five largest in Italy with regard to numbers taking part. Its spirit is mainly oriented towards off-road.


Val d'Illasi, Tramigna and Mezzane: hillside villages dominated by old castles, rural courtyards surrounded by cultivated fields, Alpine huts and shelters among woods and mountains, and imposing country houses. This is the area for fine Amarone wine, oil and many refined flavours.


The Lessinia tour Fir Cup presents the “Gran Fondo del Durello” event that takes place in April, following a route over the trails of the “Durello Wine Road”, via which the Lessini Mountains, with their exceptional panoramic views, may be reached.

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